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Over Izmir, 2020                                                                Kew Gardens, 2020   

My Pants, 2019                                                                      Untitled, 2020 

Untitled, 2019 

 Study of Water, 2019                                                                 Light as Sand, 2019     


Current, 2020 

Microcosm, 2020                                            Zurich, 2019                                                                                                                                        

This is a print shop where you can
choose which negative you want 
and let me know which size you would like out of 
8x10 , 12x 16 or bigger 
on Matt or Glossy paper.

All darkroom prints which means they are handprinted and will be  
shipped to you. 

Photos can be related or not be related my practice, you decide! 

I will change the content every two months since there are a lot of negatives
I have not shown you- yet. 

What is available 
is always what you see here.